How To Install yum on Virtuozzo VPS using Package Manager Utility

Parallels provides a packages manager for the vps management which can be used for range of tasks e.g. it can be used to install a new template , to cache a new OS template or to list packages installed on some vps or node. The same package manager utility can be used to install packages , update packages or remove packages from the vps. In this short how to , I will describe the vz package manager command syntax for installing yum inside a...

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virtuozzo nfs backup

I had problems when using nfs storage to store virtuozzo backups . I don’t like to enable remote mount on startup time because network issues which could happen , and which can generate long startup delays. so, if you mount nfs partition after node boots up, and virtuozzo already started you will not see backups in PIM or PMC. finally received solution from parallels is: > It should be sufficient to restart Virtuozzo Agent upon mounting...

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