Basic disk quota management for an OpenVZ VPS

To set disk space, run the following commands: vzctl set CTID --diskspace $SoftLimit$:$HardLimit$ --save Example: [host-node]# vzctl set 101 --diskspace 6G:7G --save You could verify the space available with this command (ie : CTID =101) [host-node]# vzctl exec 101 df -h If you want remove disk quota: DISK_QUOTA=no This is also possible via this...

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Adjusting RAM for an OpenVZ VPS

  64MB Guaranteed, 128MB Burstable cid=1000 vzctl set ${cid} --vmguarpages 64M --save vzctl set ${cid} --oomguarpages 64M --save vzctl set ${cid} --privvmpages 64M:128M --save 256MB Guaranteed, 512MB Burstable cid=1000 vzctl set ${cid} --vmguarpages 256M --save vzctl set ${cid} --oomguarpages 256M --save vzctl set ${cid} --privvmpages 256M:512M --save 512MB Guaranteed, 1024MB Burstable cid=1000 vzctl set ${cid} --vmguarpages 512M...

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How to free up some memory when using Java on OpenVZ VPS

First two easy way to free up some resources on a vps running java are: stopping java process and second, not even try to use java in a openvz VPS If you are forced to use java you can lower it’s memory usage by adding following option to java startup: -Xmx32m so you lower maximum heap size . You can try different values of heap size regarding of you java applications usage. On Plesk panel you can set this in :...

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